Vezina Window Replacement


The San Joaquin Valley area is no stranger to extremely hot summer days and freezing cold winters. We have a very unpredictable weather in the valley. For these reasons, it’s important to ensure that your home’s exterior is up to the challenge of protecting your greatest investment, regardless of the season.

Vezina Industries was founded in 2005 by Michael Vezina. Vezina Industries has since provided value-driven, energy-efficient products such as Windows, Roofing, Insulation, Solar, and HVAC services completed by certified, experienced professionals.

Our customer-first philosophy, competitive prices, and expert workmanship have earned us a reputation as a trusted choice for San Joaquin Valley home remodeling. For home and business owners alike, taking steps to protect your home is a must, and you can count on our award-winning team to help you do just that.

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