At Vezina Industries we know Windows & Doors are the eyes of the home. One of the easiest ways for a face lift is new windows and doors. Check out these Top 5 window and door trends of 2018!

1) Contemporary Home Style

The contemporary home style is a huge hit in 2018 for those choosing to tackle home improvement projects, and it doesn’t look like this trend is going away for 2019. Contemporary homes generally have tall, expansive windows, open floor plans, and an emphasis on natural lighting and flexibility. Homeowners are replacing their old windows and doors with new contemporary style products.

2) Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient windows and doors are not just beautiful, they are also a great and easy way to lower your energy costs. No wonder they are such a popular trend. Many homeowners have chosen to work with Vezina Industries after discovering their homes had a lot of heat coming in from the old aluminum patio doors during the summer months and cold drafts blowing through in the winter. These energy efficient products for your home are dual-pane rather than the older single-pane windows. At Vezina Industries, we use Energy Star windows and doors.

Reduced energy use doesn’t just mean you save money, it also means you’re burning less fossil fuels and making fewer greenhouse gas emissions. You may be wondering, “How do these windows and/or doors reduce the power bill?” Well, they make it harder for the hot sun rays to enter your home; they can seal air leaks and thus maintain your home’s temperature; and they can bring more natural light into your home which reduces the need to use electric light. You can expect energy savings of anywhere from 30 to 50 percent, depending on the product you choose to invest in.

Window Replacement

3) Tinted, Solar Reflective Windows

Solar reflective windows work well with energy efficient windows, as they also help to reduce the electric bill. Not only that, but they also increase privacy by making it darker on the outside. Regardless of the darker exterior, the windows still have the ability to bring a lot of natural light inside while leaving the heat outside where it belongs. Replacing your home windows with Solar, Reflective windows is well worth it. Check out the following pros:

  1. Privacy: A reflective window makes it nearly impossible for any passerby to see into your home during the day. This gives you the freedom to enjoy most of the natural light that is available without having to hide behind curtains and depend on artificial light.

  2. Summer Temperature: The film used to tint your windows also helps to keep the room cooler by reflecting light. In the summertime, this can be very much needed.

  3. Safety: Another benefit of tinting film is that treated windows don’t shatter or break so easily in the event of an accident. The film helps to hold the window together and can absorb a significant amount of shock.

  4. Condensation: An internally applied film can help to reduce the amount of condensation by reducing the contrast between daytime and nighttime temperatures. This can be especially beneficial for windows with wooden frames.

  5. Cost of Living: Well-installed window film can result in significant savings in the cost of cooling your house in the summer and warming it in the winter. Tinting film can actually reflect radiated heat back into the room rather than let it pass through the window.


4) Large, Expansive Doors

Homeowners have been opting for large, floor-to-ceiling windows and doors. This trend adds a lot of curb appeal to any home as it creates a visually appealing and open space. In other words, expansive windows makes your home appear larger. With these larger windows and doors comes the biggest reason for the popularity of this home trend, that is, a strong indoor-outdoor connection which allows for excellent views of the outside landscape.

Expansive Large Window.jpg

5) Low Maintenance Products

By no means does this suggest the window and door products are of lower quality. Rather, low maintenance products mean there is not as much need to maintain for the care of windows and doors thanks to the advanced technology they are made with.

Most of our customers looking for replacement windows say their older wood window frames had to be sanded and repainted every few years and some of the old wood windows had rotted; this led them to choose Vezina Industries due to the low maintenance windows we provide. For instance, our windows can use vinyl instead of wood thus requiring less maintenance. We work with so many window companies and can provide various window options to homeowners.

Window Replacement


In 2018, the biggest trends in homes are contemporary, large windows and doors. They give any home a beautiful face lift, but when combined with energy efficient and low maintenance products, they also maximize savings BIG TIME! If you live in Fresno or any of its surrounding cities within the San Joaquin Valley, let us help you get the most savings, without sacrificing quality. We specialize in both New Construction and Replacement Windows. Don't forget to add Fiberglass Insulation to maximize your savings.

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