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Fireplace Program

At Vezina Industries, we work with special programs to help owners have easy access to energy-efficiency.

We love making our community and world a better place.

Currently, we are working with a Fireplace Program to help the majority of San Joaquin Valley residents change out an older, existing fireplace with an EPA certified fireplace insert that helps to reduce air pollution coming from older fireplaces.

This program is income based. Low income applicants qualify for a FREE fireplace insert. Standard income applicants qualify up to $1,500 to be used to replace their outdated fireplace.

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We can install:

  • Gas Fireplace Inserts – Operated by the flip of a switch or remote control, gas inserts burn natural gas or liquid propane, offering the greatest level of convenience.

  • Wood Fireplace Inserts – If you’re a fan of the “snap, crackle, pop” and aroma that accompanies burning wood, EPA-certified wood inserts are a smart choice. They feature advanced combustion technologies and some can produce heat for more than 10 hours on a single load of quality wood.

  • Pellet Fireplace Inserts – Pellet inserts are a good choice if your home is heated with liquid propane or fuel oil and you’re looking to reduce heating costs; pellet inserts are powerful heaters that are outfitted with state-of-the-art burn technologies and programmable thermostats so you can adjust the heat to your preference.