We are here to help you change out an older, existing fireplace with an EPA certified fireplace insert that helps to reduce smoke pollution.

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ATTENTION HOT SPOT COUNTIES: Effective September 2019, IF YOU LIVE IN FRESNO, MADERA, OR KERN COUNTIES, and you have a gas line and would like to upgrade to a gas insert, you can do so REGARDLESS OF YOUR INCOME.

ELIGIBLE DEVICE: Is your fireplace a traditional open hearth? This type of fireplace looks likes like a hole in the wall and automatically qualifies for the program.

ELIGIBLE DEVICE: Does your fireplace have an uncertified firebox like the following 3?

ELIGIBLE DEVICE: Does your fireplace already have an insert? If you do have one, it must be uncertified and over 20 years old to be eligible.

ELIGIBLE DEVICE: Do you have an uncertified free-standing stove? This kind of fireplace is also eligible.

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The Fresno Bee newspaper reported that Fresno and surrounding counties within the San Joaquin Valley have the #1 worst air quality in all of the United States. Many people are at greater risk because of their age or because they have asthma or other chronic lung disease, cardiovascular disease or diabetes, or because they have low socioeconomic status.

Breathing in particle pollution can increase the risk of lung cancer, according to the World Health Organization. Particle pollution can also cause early death and heart attacks, strokes and emergency room visits for people with asthma, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Wood smoke is waste. Any smoke that escapes from your wood stove or fireplace is wasted fuel that will stick in your chimney as creosote or be released as air pollution. Wood smoke contains particles such as PM10 and PM2.5 as well as toxic air contaminants and other criteria pollutants.  An old or poorly installed wood stove can result in higher maintenance costs, greater risk of smoke in your home, and more pollution.

Beginning in 1990, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) began certifying wood stoves for emissions levels. Properly installed EPA certified wood stove and fireplace inserts offer many benefits. They burn wood efficiently, more safely, and heat your home effectively with much less smoke. With EPA certified wood stoves and fireplace inserts, you should see only a thin wisp of steam coming from your chimney.


Did you know, a standard fireplace does not reduce emissions coming from the fireplace? This means you are breathing in toxic smoke coming from particulate matter (wood smoke). An insert can help bring down particulate matter by 70%, but a gas insert can help you reduce pollution by as much as 99%


I found an ad on Facebook about a free fireplace insert. I thought no way! Too good to be true. So I applied anyways and sure enough it was legit 100% within two weeks the entire process was complete and the fireplace insert was installed. George and Javier came out and worked super quick, cleanly, and left me with a wonderful looking fireplace insert! Thanks guys!

- Amanda D.

I had a fireplace insert installed today by Vezina Industries, the guys that came out were very respectful and took their time. The gas pipe that they needed to connect the fireplace insert to was corroded, so they replaced it with a new one. If you’re looking to get a fireplace insert this is definitely the place you want to go through, I highly recommend!

- April F.

George and John came out and replaced our 50 year old insert that was bricked and cemented in by previous home owners. They arrived on time and were very professional and clean with the removal and install of our fireplace insert. I would highly recommend this company John and George are the best.

- Lauren G.

John and George did my install. They were very nice men, did a very thorough job. Very nice work, as well. My unit needed some custom metal cut and they came back with the right size and made it look really nice. Very happy with this company.

- Kimberly R.

John and George were great! Really helpful and professional when installing our new upgraded fireplace. They also walked us through on how to work it! Thanks guys

- Gina G.

I've had my fireplace insert installed to burn wood I'm very happy of the outcome and a three-year permit only for a few bucks it's not a big deal

Enrique D.