Save energy and upgrade your home with state-administered loans or rebates for residential projects. Owners and renters of all homes can qualify to upgrade HVAC, windows, insulation, roofs, & so much more!

You may qualify for:

  • Zero down payment

  • No payment until 1 year or more

  • 100 % financing

  • No credit check

  • Rebates

  • Tax credits

Businesses may qualify for special programs with financing options as well.

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At Vezina, we also work with special programs to help owners have easy access to energy-efficiency. We love making our community and world a better place. Currently, we are working with a free fireplace program to help San Joaquin Valley residents change out an older, existing fireplace with a EPA certified fireplace insert that helps to reduce air pollution coming from older fireplaces.

See if you qualify for a free fireplace by clicking the button below: