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*BBB A+ Rating
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Unlike other companies, Vezina Industries is NOT limited to only one financing method. We can match you with VARIOUS home upgrade programs and help you qualify for something that leaves you happy for years to come! We guarantee 100% Satisfaction!

Some of the things you may qualify for include:

  • Zero Money Down

  • No Payment for 1 Year or More

  • Rebates

  • Tax Credits

  • Low Interest Rates

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Solar Options for You and Your Family’s Needs

In the rare chance you haven’t heard, solar power has become the next big idea for families in modern homes. It doesn’t matter if you’re building a home from scratch or trying to accommodate a growing family, Vezina Industries can help determine what is best for you and your family’s needs in an ever-changing world. With solar apparatus that’s second to none and financing that’s difficult to beat, solar energy savings is well within your grasp when you go with solar Fresno has been waiting for. It’s time to discover for yourself why resident homeowners are making the switch to solar all across America.

At Vezina Industries, we work directly with you to customize a solar power solution to meet your specific needs. As a Fresno-based solar installation company with years of experience assisting homeowners with energy-saving projects, we can tell you that there’s never been a better time to invest in a home solar panels system, and we sweeten the deal by minimizing upfront installation costs to make the system affordable. 

What’s more, our installers are trained and state-certified to guarantee that your experience will be of the worry-free variety, and our office handles all the paperwork so you are free to go about your busy life. To say we take the hassle out of installing your solar panels would be something of an understatement.


Why we are the solution for solar Fresno has been anticipating:

  • Our Products and Services Yield Savings – Energy from the sun is clean and renewable, and solar increases the value of your home while decreasing the time it spends on the market.

  • Energy Independence is in Our DNA – Producing your own electricity renders you self-reliant and less dependent on utility companies, while reducing the amount of energy needed from power plants burning fossil fuels.

  • Our Approach Equals a Lower Carbon Footprint – By individually reducing our dependence on fossil fuels, we not only save money but enhance our environmental and economic security.

Tax Benefits of Solar Installation

Why not get paid when you go solar? We specialize in connecting you with the maximum tax credits available.If you live in the Fresno area, contact us today to discover how much you could save on your power bill.