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High Efficiency Insulation 

At Vezina Industries, we focus on all kinds of ways to save you energy costs for the long-term. That’s why we turn to loose fill blown-in fiberglass when it comes to premium insulation, always citing its safety and effectiveness for energy-efficiency as well as its many benefits such as moisture, mold, and combustion resistance. Our high-quality insulation can assist in decreasing your winter heating and summer cooling energy expenses. Our installation services are both hassle-free and full of maximum efficiency and protection.

Comfort That’s Real

Because insulation degrades over time and increases the wear and tear on your HVAC system, your home needs a premium approach to keeping out extreme heat and cold. That’s where Vezina comes in, offering insulation that lowers your heating and cooling costs while ensuring to keep your house comfortable no matter the season. Cold floors, drafts, high utility bills and fluctuating temperatures are all signs that your home’s insulation is not up to spec…but you can take comfort in knowing Vezina Industries’ insulation service will keep excess heat and cold in its place - OUTSIDE where it belongs.


Insulation Benefits

  • Energy savings of up to 20-percent or more.

  • Greater acoustic isolation and ambient noise reduction.

  • Fewer drafts and more comfortable rooms.

  • Reduced emissions for environmental protection.


Impeccable Service You Can Trust

We are the Fresno area’s leader in insulation services, and it is our goal to provide all of our residential and commercial clients with impeccable services that they can trust to meet and exceed their insulating needs. During installation, our contractors follow all manufacturer recommendations, as this ensures the product is properly installed, and we also ensure that the proper levels – those recommended by the Department of Energy – are placed within your home or office. 

Insulation by Vezina Industries will provide you with the means necessary to create a comfortable environment in which to work, play, and live. We are the kind of insulation Fresno has been waiting for.

Counties we work in:

  1. Fresno County

  2. Madera County

  3. Stanislaus County

  4. Merced County

  5. Tulare County

If you don’t see your county listed and have been thinking of getting new insulation installed or replacing your outdated insulation, please do not hesitate to call us and ask if we work in your city.

The Ins and Outs of Blown-In Fiberglass Insulation

Blown-in fiberglass insulation is installed into attics, wall cavities and crawl spaces to the point it reaches a specified density to achieve a particular “R-Value” rating. Among the plethora of benefits blown-in fiberglass insulation brings to a structure is its ability to maintain density devoid of the prolonged settling effects prevalent in other insulation types; our expert engineers ensure a cavity is completely filled with insulation at the proper density, so no significant settling should occur.