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Insulation Has Huge Benefits, Making Your Life At Home More Comfortable!

Let’s get straight to the point. Insulation keeps your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. By doing so, insulation reduces the amount of heating and cooling technology you need to use to keep your home feeling comfortable. As a result, home insulation lowers energy bills and the costs of cooling and heating your home

Although most commonly associated with its ability to provide a thermal barrier, insulation can also provide the following benefits:

  • Energy conservation: provides resistance to heat loss/gain from systems. Reduced heat transfer can impact:

1.     Finances: by reducing fuel costs and protecting investments in equipment

2.     Energy: by minimizing the amount of fuel needed through a more efficient mechanical process

3.     Environment: by minimizing the emissions associated with burning fuel

  • Fire safety: isolates areas and protects equipment from the spread of fire.

  • Noise control: reduces and controls noise associated with mechanical systems.

  • Freeze protection: protects mechanical equipment from freezing.

  • Condensation control: limits moisture and mold growth by keeping surface temperatures above the dew point, improving air quality.

Typically, because the benefits are invisible, we take them for granted. We forget that as insulation quietly performs its job, it is part of an active mechanical system and is frequently exposed to outside influences. Just as one would maintain the mechanical system, it is wise to check the integrity of the insulation. Researchers have found that up to 30% of installed insulation is either damaged or missing within the first 5 years of use.

Ask yourself the following questions:

1.     Is your insulation still intact and working properly?

2.     Has it been removed for repairs or periodic maintenance?

3.     When was your insulation installed? Does it meet current demands?

4.     Does it conform to current energy codes? Should you surpass minimum codes?

5.     Would adding more insulation improve the system?

The Department of Energy’s “Save Energy Now” assessment showed that 53% of buildings would benefit by replacing, repairing and upgrading the mechanical insulation. For those that pursued insulation as an opportunity, more than 80% have seen a return on investment in less than one year. Additionally, the Department of Energy estimated that up to 50 percent of your heating bill can be reduced with a properly insulated home.

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